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Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer (N2-BET Surface Area Analyzer)

The understanding of total surface area of the particles used in our research is critical for the development, manufacture, and understanding of a tremendous variety of materials, including metal oxide particles (both nano and micro scale), final polymer composites, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, pigments, geological materials, and many more. A surface area and pore size analyzer allows us to get a 360 degree perspective of a complex material’s total surface area and pore structure enabling a variety of analysis including adsorption isotherms, desorption isotherms, single point BET, multi-point BET, Langmuir surface area, mesopore volume, micropore size distribution, micropore surface area, employing comprehensive density functional theory models. All of these methods give a researcher indispensable tools and data to understand the intricate interrelationship of how the porosity, pore structure, pore volume, and other surface characteristics impact a complex material’s performance and stability. Further this instrument can be modified to a non-corrosive gas reactor to understand the reactivity of various material under different experimental conditions. Quantachrome Nova 2200 in our lab is capable of providing BET surface area measurements on materials ranging from about 0.5 m2/g with no known upper limit and pore size distributions between 20-4000A.  It has two analysis stations for simultaneous analysis and four degassing stations and can be configured for use with a wide range of non-corrosive gases as an adsorbent.  With CO2 as an adsorbent it can measure pore sizes in the micropore range from 3.5-20A but only on carbon samples.

Relative Pressure (P/P0)



vacuum or flow degassing

heating mantels

degas temp. controls

status and data display

analysis selection keypad

automated dewar elevator

system status display

coolant level sensor

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